Dr. Greger Made Two New Converts

The first Dr. Greger video that I ever watched was one of his year end reviews. It was More than an Apple a Day, if I remember correctly. I was mesmerized. I watched as he flashed quotes from prestigious medical journals onto the screen to make his points. Dr. Greger introduced scientific finding after scientific finding showing the relationship between unhealthy eating and the diseases that afflict us, between healthy eating and healing outcomes. For every point that he made, he seemed to have several studies that confirmed the connection.

Before the day was out, I had watched all three of his year end reviews that existed at the time—the other two being Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death, and From Table to Able. He has since added a fourth year review—Food as Medicine. The other videos were equally astounding. Not only did I learn about an incontrovertible connecting link between health and the food that we eat, I was learning that the American pattern of eating was responsible for our being among the unhealthiest populations on earth.

I had read the China Study, and been introduced to the population studies there. That book had shown me that those who ate a traditional Chinese diet, rich in plant-based foods, had been protected from America’s most prominent killers (heart disease, diabetes and some cancers). From Dr. Greger I learned that this was not an isolated finding. Indigenous people throughout the world who subsisted on a plant based diet were all much healthier than Americans. Not only that, but even vegans in America were far less likely to develop those same diseases.

I spent much of the afternoon exploring the world of nutrition on Dr. Greger’s webpage—NutritionFacts.org. I searched for heart disease to discover what the latest findings in nutrition could teach me about overcoming my husband’s heart disease. I searched for high blood pressure to see what I could do to help lower my blood pressure. I searched for diabetes to discover how to help my husband lower his blood sugar levels. I even followed the reference links to look at the studies that Dr. Greger was citing. I learned a great deal, and enjoyed every minute of it.

The amazing part about Dr. Greger’s videos was that he not only made the connection between food and health clear, he even produced evidence of specific nutrients in plants that were able to heal our crippling diseases. He explained, in the clearest prose, what the mechanism was behind these nutrients, and he did it in a way that was understandable to the layman. The videos were not only informative, they were positively entertaining—he even made me laugh. As with any great teacher, Dr. Greger’s enthusiasm for his subject is contagious.

That night, June 10th 2015, I introduced my husband to Dr. Greger’s works. We watched two of the year end reviews, and a couple of the short videos as well. When we were finished, my husband and I entered into a commitment to eat a whole foods plant based diet, and begin to heal our bodies. On June 11th, we embarked on a new life together.


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