Gut Feelings—Mood and Microbiome

It is becoming clear that the microbiome has a profound influence on our brains. The metabolites produced by the microbiome have a direct impact on brain development. They impact the production of mood altering neurotransmitters. They produce short chain fatty-acids like butyrate and propionate that feed the glial cells in our brains, and help it to remain healthy. The gut microbiome is likely a major factor in the presence of several mental and metabolic disorders. … More Gut Feelings—Mood and Microbiome


Gut Reaction–Our Microbiome and Gut Health

The microbes that live in our digestive tract can either be our closest friends, or our most bitter enemies. The Standard American Diet (SAD) full of antibiotic laden meat and dairy products, as well as preservative laden processed foods, tends to kill off the friendlier organisms in our gut and encourages the flourishing of decay … More Gut Reaction–Our Microbiome and Gut Health